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At Digital Intelligence, we are a company of specialists who design, optimise and deliver to exceed the highest standards


WHO: Located in Darwin; the Northern Territorys hub for Oil and Gas & Power Generation, Digital Intelligence is at its core a control system design and innovation firm. No matter big or small, high speed or low cost, new installation or retrofit, a control system can be optimised to meet your requirements.

WHAT: Control Systems are the brains and nerves of any industrial plant. Too often they are poorly designed, neglected and allowed to fall into a state of disarray which leads to process inefficiencies, higher operational expenditure, loss of production and may ultimately result in catastrophic failure. As technology gets more advanced, aging systems are being replaced by complex ones, and the control system needs to be carefully developed and integrated by specialists who see the larger process picture and understand every minute detail of its subsystems.

WHY: We are a collective of specialists who design, optimise and deliver plant control systems that meet our core values and exceed the highest standards. We are a quality-focused company and pride ourselves on delivering engineering solutions and client benefits.

Core Value 1 – Safety

Achieving a safe control system at Digital Intelligence starts with the design, but flows through the entire life cycle and requires active analysis, continuous improvement and review. Typically catastrophic failures result when plant has been modified, multiple risks have been introduced across a range of different protective layers, and an unfortunate sequence of events has lined them all up. Get in touch to find out more on how we improve plant safety for our clients…

Core value 2 – Reliability

Digital Intelligence incorporates both control system Safety & Reliability studies into the early design stages and throughout the development cycle to ensure that the delivered solutions maximise plant up-time. Designing the control system to be both Safe & Reliable requires careful balancing and attention to detail and is often overlooked. We’re happy to consult with you about your plant up-time, improving safety and reliability of your systems.

Core value 3 – Optimisation

Digital Intelligence hold optimisation at its core and deliver solutions that exceed client expectations under all conditions. Control systems are innately responsible for industrial processes that consume or produce resources. Whether this be fuel, energy, chemicals, motion or even time, often the systems are poorly commissioned and not optimised for maximum efficiency, resource management or response to rapid changes. Get in touch and find out how we consistently optimise your operations for maximum efficiency and return on investment…