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Digital Intelligence works on critical plant control systems – where failure is not an option. Therefore we take a very meticulous approach to commissioning in order to achieve the high levels of quality assurance required we provide signed certification to evidence the following techniques:

  • Full cycle design process including FAT and simulation
  • Pre-commissioning checks on-site
    • Dielectric withstand test of field wiring
    • Testing all circuitry terminals for tightness
    • Testing all circuitry for Continuity
    • Checking resistance for all shields, drains and earths
    • Marking up drawings to ensure correctness
    • Application specific pre-commissioning checklist
  • Power-up
    • Test negative for floating/reference
    • Functional check of each circuit; inputs and outputs
    • Instrumentation process testing
    • Functional testing of critical control functions and logic
    • Application specific SAT testing
  • Failure Tests
    • Successful power failure and reset
    • Communications failures
    • IO module failures
    • Power supply and hardware failures
  • Performance Benchmarks
    • Network performance
    • Computer performance
    • Control System processor performance
    • Application specific function performance
  • Optimization
    • Control loops and parameters, ie PID controllers
    • Compensation logic, ie process pressure
    • Bandwidth
  • Configuration backups

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