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Design and Innovation

Digital Intelligence is at its core a control system design and innovation firm. No matter big or small, high speed or low cost, new installation or retrofit, a control system can be customised to meet the requirements of the client. Digital Intelligence has specialists in designing solutions for:



It starts with a thorough investigation of the application, the clients requirements and their existing plant to determine the most efficient products from industry leading brands. Factors such as response & reaction times, failure rates and redundancy, modes of operation, degree of autonomy, datalogging and much more need to be carefully considered and consulted with the client at this early design-stage.


Detailed assessments are then carried out to determine the engineering requirements of the installation. This typically includes Legislative and Standards compliance, HAZOP, SIL, hazardous area requirements, EMI review, product compatibility, modeling requirements, etc. Failure to correctly assess plant conditions and requirements at this pre-design phase would result in costly design changes later down the track.


With the control system requirements mapped the engineering team will develop the design package. This includes:

  • Bill of materials and recommended spares
  • General arrangement and mechanical drawings
  • Electrical schematics drawings
  • Logic and control block diagrams
  • Cable schedules and interconnection diagrams
  • IO and communications worksheets
  • Device configuration settings
  • SCADA and controller configurations
  • Alarm, logging and trending requirements
  • FAT & simulation test plan and methodology
  • Installation work instruction
  • Pre-commissioning checklist
  • SAT test plan and methodology
  • optimisation work instruction
  • Functional Specifications
  • Operation & maintenance manuals
  • Periodic auditing and review requirements


Once the design package has been completed a validation study is completed to confirm the control system meets the application requirements, and the Digital Intelligence core values of Safety, Reliability and Optimisation .


Many OEMs perform isolated FAT testing of their individual products to confirm it meets tight tolerances. However the Digital Intelligence specialists complete FAT for the total control system solution. A typical example is a governor control cabinet which will be fully constructed in the factory then bench-tested by injecting the appropriate field signals and confirming operation of the entire system right through to the end-user. DI will perform simulation of all PLC logic and test all potential outcomes to ensure the control system is fault-resistant.

This additional QA is essential to delivering best of quality control systems and why Digital Intelligence continue to exceed client expectations. After the FAT & simulation studies the design package is finalized and ‘ Issued For Construction ’.


Digital Intelligence understand that designing a quality control system does not end after installation. The Industrial Plant, its systems and requirements are constantly changing and periodic review and audit needs to be completed to ensure it-maintains control. This is an integral part of the full cycle design.

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