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2016 Cyber Security Report

Dell has released its Annual Threat Report detailing the cybercrime trends...

Cyber Security Annual Threat Report 2016

 Annual Threat Report 2016 – Cyber Security

80% of all new malware and intrusion attempts are exploiting weaknesses in applications.”

Dell has released its Annual Threat Report detailing the cybercrime trends that were detected in 2015, and what to expect in 2016. The report discusses four developing trends:

  1. Exploit kits evolving to stay one step ahead of security systems (program loopholes)
  2. SSL/TLS encryption continued to surge leading to undetectable hacks
  3. Malware continued to rise for Android devices
  4. Malware attacks doubled and continue to morph from season to season

A Timely Reminder

This is a timely reminder that as security professionals we must always be striving to stay ahead of the hackers by:

  • Keeping up to date with updates and patches
  • Utilising an intrusion prevention system that is up-to-date
  • Isolate network environments into multiple zones with multifactor authentication for cross-visiting
  • Update security policies to defend against a broader field array of threat vectors including both HTTP and HTTPS attacks

For more information download the 2016 white paper at:

You can also access the 2015 Dell Security Annual Threat Report here:

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