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Woodwards Quicktrip Electrohydraulic Trip Valve

Proudly Introducing the First Production Model in Australia
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Scope Of Work Installation, Consulting and Design
Schedule July 2015
Architect Digital Intelligence

Project Detail

Digital Intelligence has completed installation of the first Quicktrip Electrohydraulic trip valve in Australia. The trip valve is designed for use in Gas or Steam Turbine shutdown (trip) systems for both Quick and Reliable dumping of the turbine’s trip oil header. This is achieved by incorporating 2-out-of-3 voting in the inherit design.

Digital Intelligence provided the turnkey installation including project management, mechanical, electrical & controls installation, commissioning, drawings and documentation.
Project execution went well, and apart from typical commissioning issues was a brilliant success.
The valve works perfectly and was tripping both main steam valves within 212mS.

The Quicktrip includes state of the art features such as:

  • A 2-out-of-3 voting fault tolerant design certified for use in 61508 SIL3 Safety Instrumented Systems
  • Super-fast solenoid response times of less than 50 mSec
  • Hazardous Area certification
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Three dirt-tolerant independent moving rotary valves
  • Self-cleaning ports
  • A modular design allowing online repair of any valve or associated electronics
  • Redundant power supplies inputs
  • Online valve proof-testing

The installation of the Quicktrip marks the final component of the Steam Turbine Governor controls upgrade as part of the Clients life extension works program which included:

  •  Dual redundant Woodward Protech-SX Safety Instrumented System
  •  Dual redundant Woodward 505 Digital Governors
  •  Woodward Varistroke Actuator
  •  Expansion and Integration into Yokogawa CS3000 DCS

The Client was very pleased with the new system and the benefits of increased Safety, increased Reliability, improved fault-finding and reduced ongoing maintenance.